Our Group

The Swiss Asset Management Group (the SAM Group) is a leading independent and entrepreneurial European real estate investment, fund and asset management firm with offices in France, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Jersey, with representation in Spain.

The Group is a subsidiary of Swiss International Holdings (SIH). It is both controlled and lead by its Managing Partners (who together aggregate over 100 years European real estate experience) and is widely recognized in the market.

The Swiss Asset Management Group operates principally in continental Europe, offering a complete range of services, as a "one-stop shop" with made-to-measure solutions in all major European markets for Clients and Partners.

Our mantra is to provide our Clients with the very best services and returns possible at all times.

Main Focus

The Swiss Asset Management Group concentrates on the larger economies and markets in Europe, where it has extensive and broadly based experience across a large spectrum of real estate and related assets and activities, including direct investment in real estate (offices, retail, hotels, logistics, warehousing, light industrial and residential), listed real estate, loans (performing and non-performing), all types of distressed real estate and securitization.

Our business is based on delivering superior investment performance to our Clients through the sourcing and structuring of investment transactions. We achieve such performance by using a results-driven approach, coupled with innovative and pro-active asset management, together with a robust capacity for managing risk.

Our approach

  • Trust

    The Swiss Asset Management Group understands and prioritises the development and maintenance of a high level of mutual confidence with its Clients, and the importance of confidentiality to them.

  • Excellence

    The Swiss Asset Management Group takes great pride in the calibre of its team and their collective track record. Over the years it has focused on attracting and retaining the best minds in the business, with broad ranging experience in real estate.

  • The Client Comes First

    For the Swiss Asset Management Group the Client always comes first. Our business model is designed to serve the needs and achieve the objectives of our Clients. Client First means professionalism, dedication, application and trust, in order to foster a long-term relationship that creates value for both parties.

  • Value Creation

    To create value for our Clients on a risk-adjusted basis, we focus first and foremost on acquiring high quality assets that are either distressed or under-managed, where value can be created. We then apply the expertise of our own team of asset management professionals to execute well defined strategies, agreed in advance with our Clients, including property upgrades, operating improvements, re-positioning or improved marketing strategies, in order to add value.

  • High Quality Assets

    The acquisition of potentially high quality assets is one of the keys to our real estate investment strategy. Our investment experience has taught us that high quality assets in major markets, if possible with barriers to entry, have performed best in market downturns and out-performed the market in times of growth. As a consequence, such assets have historically remained liquid.

  • Pre-Emptive and Pro-Active

    We offer a pre-emptive and pro-active asset management service, targeting value creation for our Clients and co-investors, and operate in the core, value added and opportunistic market segments.